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June 20, 2008



My wife, a type 1 diabetic for 26 years, developed gastric paresis, and advanced form of neuropathy where the digestive tract is slowed. I have been practicing Reflexology when I began as a student last fall and the paresis has been in total remission since.

I’m wondering if Dr. Sykos can scientifically prove my wife is lying to me or undergoing the benefits of a placebo effect. She can’t without getting philosophical, which is a different kind of science, and definitely not physics..

From a philosophy web site:

“There are three different kinds of "sciences." The difference between them is the degree of abstraction that is involved. The mind might just focus on the physical by experimental observation. This science is called physics or natural science (this is what the modern mind knows as "science"). He can also move toward a higher degree of abstraction dealing with quantity and number which can be distinguished apart from the material things. This is called mathematics. The highest abstraction is when the mind deals with being or reality itself as being. This is called metaphysics.

What the modern mind (Dr. Kathy Sykes) needs to remember is this: all three sciences are different and one method of science cannot be the method of another. This has been the error of both the modern and the ancients. As Dr. Kreeft said, "the ancients used a philosophical method to do science and the moderns use a scientific method to do philosophy." One cannot say that since relativity is true in physics, morality and truth are relative. Physics is also mathematical. Does this mean we need a mathematical morality? If relativity is true in physics, does this mean that mathematics ought to be relative?

A new science does not necessitate a new religion or a new philosophy. To mix them is committing what the scholastics call the fallacy of uniform method of science. As Fulton Sheen said,
"Here we call it the 'Fallacy of the Uniform Method of Science' -- the fallacy of taking one science as the norm, and making it the measure, the guide, the interpreter, and the inspiration of every other science." (Philosophy of Religion, 185)
Physics should be treated as physics, mathematics as mathematics, and especially, metaphysics as metaphysics. One should not use a scientific or mathematical method to do metaphysics and vice versa. As Etienne Gilson said,
"Theology, logic, physics, biology, psychology, sociology, economics, are fully competent to solve their own problems by their own methods…no particular science is competent to either solve metaphysical problems, or to judge their metaphysical solutions." (The Unity of Philosophical Experience, page 249)” end of quote


I don’t think it's fair to measure Reflexology with the same yardstick you would with physics. It's more an art form, like the way your family doctor practices medicine. I am wondering if Dr. Kathy Skyes' family doctor is equally as empirical as she is.

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