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Kevin and Barbara Kunz are internationally recognized authorities in the field of reflexology. They have researched, taught, practiced and documented reflexology for 30 years.

Barbara and Kevin Kunz have published 12 books in reflexology from Prentice Hall/ Simon and Schuster, Random House, Harper Collins, DK Publishing, Barnes and Noble and RRP Press. Their books are in 32 overseas editions and 18 languages including Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic and Hebrew.

The Kunzes became concerned about the preservation of the native healing tradition of reflexology as practiced in the U. S. As a result they wrote, illustrated, and published The Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology in 1980. When published by Prentice -Hall in 1982, it was the best selling title for the fall season. This revision represents the latest in their findings.

Subsequent research includes further developments in foot reflexology technique, self-help hand and foot reflexology techniques, hand reflexology techniques, professionalism in reflexology and a theory of reflexology's workings within the nervous system.

Further books include Reflexology:Health at Your Fingertips, Hand and Foot Reflexology, A Self-Help Guide; Hand Reflexology Workbook (Revised); The Practitioner's Guide to Reflexology, Reflexology for Children, Medical Applications of Reflexology, My Reflexologist Says Feet Don’t Lie and Hand Reflexology, Simple Routines for Health and Relaxation. Complete Reflexology for Life is slated for release in the US and UK by the end of September. Total Reflexology is a kit scheduled for release on the first of October.

The Kunzes are codirectors of Reflexology Research; coeditors of Reflexions, the Journal of Reflexology Research, now in its 26th year of publication; and maintain web pages at, and These sites receive over 7 million hits a year. The Kunzes live in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


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